Ultrasound Machine HS-2600

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Main Unit
with Convex Probe
& Standard Accessories

Ultrasound Machine  

  • Model # HS-2600
  • Company Honda Electronics
  • Made in Japan




Convex Probe                    

  • Wide Range Multi frequency 2.8, 3.5 & 5.0MHz

Display Modes

  • B, B/B, B/Z, B/M, M Modes

M. Mode sweep                  

  • 5 speed

Probe Connectors

  • Active Built in two probe connectors.

Cine lope Memory

  • 255 frames.

Image Filling System

  • 100 images permanent inside the system and more on USB.

Gray Scale

  • 256.

Sensitivity time gain

  • 8-Steps


  • 24cm.

Focusing system

  • Fully digital Bam Forming with 64 Physical Channels,

Continuous Dynamic Receiving   Focus,

4-stage Dynamic Transmission Focus.

Beam Former

  • Fully Digital 64 Transmitting Channel.


  • Larger friendly user Keyboard with trackball.

Post processing

  • inversion, edge enhancement, and correlation / persistence.  Gamma curves, dynamic range etc.

Image Magnification     

  • 0-20 mm – 0-240 mm (10mm step).

Duel Caliper

  • 4-Steps distance, Duel for length, area, volume, Circumference, etc

Biometric Tables

  • Capable  of fetal age table calculations,  (Various methods)


  • Main Unit with 12.1” SVGA LCD

8 bits Wide Viewing Angle Horizontal: 170° vertical:170°

Swivel / Tilt Type crystal clear highResolution Monitor.

Video Ports         

  • (1), output (2), RGB, USB port.

Biopsy Lines

  • Built-in

Operating voltage

  • 220V AC50Hz.


60 Kg (Approx)